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Turning a Brand into a Beacon: Rebranding and Website Revamp for Rainbow Maker

About the case

Rainbow Maker is an experienced strategic HR partner that simplifies administration, ensures compliance, and frees up time for growth while enhancing the workplace. Imagine the time and energy you can save by hiring Rainbow Maker. Our goal is to help you reach your goals by offering flexible and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

We are passionate about making dreams come true, and we have a burning interest in seeing our clients thrive and develop. With us, you get more time, more freedom, and more opportunities to grow and achieve your dreams.


Rainbow Maker, a strategic HR partner, was facing a significant challenge. Their website was outdated and their branding did not reflect the vision and reputation they aspired to achieve. 

The client’s website was lackluster, and their branding did not accurately portray their mission of helping clients achieve their goals with flexible and tailored solutions. They needed a new website and branding that conveyed their passion for helping clients realize their dreams and create a thriving, efficient workplace.


Neyio, supported by Norrhavet, took on the task of revamping Rainbow Maker’s online presence and branding. Norrhavet created a brand-new identity for Rainbow Maker, capturing their dedication to helping clients reach their goals and their passion for seeing their clients succeed and grow. 

Meanwhile, Neyio developed a new website and crafted compelling copywriting that showcased the company’s commitment to easing administration, ensuring compliance, and freeing up time for growth, all while improving the workplace.


The result of the collaboration has been astounding. The newly designed website, with its vibrant branding and engaging copywriting, reflects the energy, passion, and dedication of Rainbow Maker. The website now serves as a beacon for prospective clients, attracting them with its inviting design and clear, comprehensive presentation of the company’s services. 

Rainbow Maker has experienced an influx of customers, and the client, Kristina, has reported that visitors to the site consistently praise its visual appeal and clarity of services. The project has not only revitalized Rainbow Maker’s online presence but has also significantly boosted its reputation and business.

"All our clients who visit the website say that it is incredibly stylish and appealing, but also that the services are clear and easy to understand." - Kristina, Rainbow Maker.

The result

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